I’ve NEVER BEEN SO ready to start this blog!

Well guys, this is my first blog post! So, here we go….

I’ll dive a little deeper into the neverbeenso concept. How often do you catch yourself saying “I’ve never been so ….(insert specific adjective)”? Frequently you say? Me too! Not really you say? Well let me divulge…

I guess you could say I’m a relatively dramatic person, not in the “woe is me” way, but more in the “I’m going to put everything I got into what’s currently going on in my life” way. Whether it be related to food, DIY, travel, work, traffic, wedding planning, the cat, the list goes on and on. Sunday morning at 9am: “I’ve neverbeenso in dire need for brunch” (at that very moment there was not anything else in the ENTIRE world I needed besides brunch); The day I got engaged: “I’ve neverbeenso lucky”; Monday morning when the alarm goes off: “I’ve neverbeenso tired”; I never realized just how often I used this phrase until my parents pointed this out and actually got a personalized shirt for me with the infamous phrase right in the center.

So I figured why not put all of these feelings into a blog, where each post gets my everything poured into it, “neverbeenso” style. This will be a collection of favorite recipes that have helped when I’ve neverbeenso hungry, DIY projects for when I’ve neverbeenso crafty, travel experiences when I’ve neverbeenso wanderlust, the latest trends when I’ve neverbeenso chic ETC. While some of my posts may seem somewhat unrelated, they will all have the common theme that they are latest obsessions.

Please join me on this journey as I’ve neverbeenso ready to connect with the world!

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