DIY Cork Board Engagement Gift 

Lately it seems love is in the air, everywhere I look around! Will & I have already received SIX Wedding Save The Dates for 2016 (and we’ll be sending out our own very soon!)

Wineries are trending BIG in the wedding industry right now; people are getting engaged at wineries, having engagement photo shoots at wineries, throwing bachelorette wine tours, and having weddings at wineries (like us!).

Recently two of our closest friends got engaged at Barrel Oak Winery in Virgina. I’m a big fan of sentimental/meaningful gifts (I’m a huge sap!), so I wanted them to have something to always remember the place they got engaged (other than the rock on her finger!)!

Coincidentally my girlfriends and I had a bachelorette wine tour at the same winery after I found out they were engaged. Wineries go through corks, like I go through red wine. So i decided to ask if they had any corks I could have for a DIY project.  JACKPOT, the woman ended up giving me an entire bag of corks!

And here in lies the result..a cork board to hang on their wall with corks from the place they were engaged.

Now you want to get into the nitty gritty of how its done. Three words, SIMPLE, QUICK, favorite kind of DIY project.

Hot Glue Gun
Frame – White looks clean (size of the cork board you want to give – this one is 24″ x 12″)
Sauce Pan
Sharp Knife

I did this project for under $10 – the cost of the frame! And in less than TWO hours!

1. Remove the glass from your frame, but leave the backing in so you have a place to glue the corks.
2. I cut all my corks in half so that I’d have a flat edge to glue down (and then I was able to double the amount of corks I had!) – to make this process easier, I brought a saucepan of water up to a boil and placed a small strainer on top, covered and let sit for 20 minutes. Make sure the water level is low enough that the corks are not touching. You’re essentially steaming the corks to make them easier to cut.

3. Using a sharp knife, cut all of your corks in half and place them in the frame how you want the finished product to look. This will allow you to fix spacing before you start gluing. Get creative! But if possible, always have the name of the winery facing outward – gives it a personal touch.


4. Start the gluing process. I left all of the corks in the frame and just picked them up and glued as I went, that way I wouldn’t forget the pattern.


To personalize it one step further, as you saw above, I printed out a few photos of the couple and tacked them on before gifting! How easy was that?!

What are some DIY engagement gifts you’ve given?!

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