DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

Halloween is fast approaching. My friends and I like to go with DIY costumes, they’re cheaper and usually more original than what you can find at any Halloween store. Last year we went as pizza slices and delivery boys! We found this awesome idea on Studio DIY and changed it up just a bit based on what we had.  I’ve neverbeenso stoked to show it off! It was a huge hit! Because, well, pizza.

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

Studio DIY used a Cricut, but since neither of us had one, we used old fashioned cardstock, freehand and scissors.
We also found that wearing the entire costume was a little challenging, so we just wore the back pizza slice as a “backpack” and picked up the front slice as we walked around.

For the Pizza Slice:
Cardstock in Red, White and Green
Large Sheets of Cardboard (we used the trifolds used for science fair projects)
Yellow and Red Streamers
White School Glue
Heavy String
Yellow Dress
Black Tights (if its cold)

For the Delivery Boy:
Pizza Box
Pizza Shop T-Shirt
Baseball Cap
*We have our favorite pizza shop down the street (where sadly they know us by name), so we decided to go get pizza boxes and t-shirts from there to promo the biz.*

1. Draw stencils for the toppings (pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper – it took us a couple tries, and they didn’t look perfect, but they worked) and cut 3 of each for each side of the slice – In total, for one costume, you should have 6 pepperonis, 6 mushrooms, and 6 green peppers.

2. Cut two large “triangles” from your cardboard. I measured from my shoulders to my knees for the length, and about six inches wider than the width of my shoulders for the width. Trim the corners of the bottom edge to give it the “curved” look of a pizza crust.

3. Cut several six foot long strips of streamers. Fold each one in half again and again until you have a section about a few inches wide. Cut one side of each section into fringe strips, about 1/2” apart.

4. Starting at the point of the triangle. Glue strips of fringe, starting about 1/2” apart working your way all the way up the triangle, but leaving about 5” unfringed at the bottom.

5. Cut a strip of red streamer the width of your triangle and trim the edges to make them wavy. Glue this piece over where your yellow streamers end, forming the “sauce” of the pizza.

6. Glue your toppings on now, however you so choose.

7. Staple string to the back pizza slice for you to wear as a “backpack” (a loop on each side to slip your arms through).

Put on your slices and delivery boy costumes and be ready for the applause! BONUS POINTS: actually have pizza in your pizza boxes!

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couple Costumes

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couple Costumes

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