Patchwork Denim with Simplicity, Prints & Color!

I’ve been into the patchwork denim as of late, but have yet to come across some that fit well into my budget; so I made this collection to show exactly how I would pair it up! I think a couple of simple staples, such as a basic tee and solid accessories are key, as well as throwing in a pop of color or pattern to tie it all together!

Now I can’t afford much of what’s on this list, but it gives me great inspiration for hunting out deals & steals! Wish me luck!

 Patchwork Denim with Simplicity and Prints!

TOP: Topshop | Patchwork Denim: rag & bone / Simon Miller | SHOES: Christian Louboutin | BAG: Tory Burch | WATCH: Larsson Jennings / Daniel Wellington

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