Look For Less: Duck Boots

I’ve wanted duck boots for awhile now, but every time I’ve gone to order them from L.L. Bean , they’re out of stock. Well no surprise, this Holiday season. My mom went to order them for me as a Christmas gift, and we were shocked that the arrive date was March 2016. I understand they are hand-made and for that reason, take extra time to create. However, that doesn’t mean I want to wait until March of next year for an item that I order now.

I finally told myself, I just wasn’t getting duck boots again this year. UNTIL, I was walking in Target yesterday, and saw a pair! I had to do a double-take because from far away they looked the exact same as the ones I’ve been pining after. I figured as I got close I would notice the problem. But there wasn’t one. Sure, they aren’t the same caliber of quality, but they’re also $50 cheaper and you can have them RIGHT NOW. If you’re using them mainly for fashion, it’s a no-brainer. I have a pair of sturdy hiking boots I wouldn’t trade for the world, so those are my go-tos for any type of trekking. I tried them on and they looked great!

FYI: I’m usually a 7.5 and the 7 fit me well. The 8 was a little too big.

So, why spend $100+ on duck boots, when you can get this pair at Target now for $50! They also have different styles and colors!

The Look For Less: Duck Boots

L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean Duck Boots

2 thoughts on “Look For Less: Duck Boots

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