NBS BITES: Snake Hill Grill

If I had to describe Snake Hill Grill in one word, it would be ‘Eclectic’ – no wait, ‘Intrigue’- actually, ‘Savory’ – oh hell, I can’t pick just one. This is one of Baltimore’s newest additions to its food fellowship, and I have to say Snake Hill is bringing the charm.

Snake Hill opened back in November 2015 and seems to be doing pretty well for being on the street for only a few months. The owner, Rich Pugh, is no junior to running a restaurant, as he is the owner of the successful Johnny Rad’s. This name being tied to Snake Hill is what originally peaked my interest. Pugh could open any establishment and I would be there bright-eyed and ready for goodness – the reason: risotto balls (I’ve neverbeenso obsessed with an appetizer – but that’s for another post). Naturally, I assumed Snake Hill must have something of equal deliciousness. I was right.

The casual brats and beer atmosphere presented by Snake Hill is sure to have you feeling right at home. Snake Hill is located on Clinton Street towards the end of Canton and technically Highlandtown. From the outside, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether it would be one of those music-stops-when-you-walk-in bars. It wasn’t. We took a seat at the Scrabble-tile topped bar, right in front of the old fortune-teller booth, and immediately started searching for hidden messages. My favorite was ‘Beetle Juice Beetle Juice Beetle Juice’ |applause| This already proved to me that a lot of love and humor went into creating this establishment. But it was time to check out the grub.

First glance at the specials menu had me fixated on dessert. Puppy Chow. Some of you may not know what this is (chex mix covered in peanut butter + chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar), but I remember every single Christmas waiting PATIENTLY for a friend of the family to make a huge batch of this stuff. I’d tear into it, fingers and face covered in powdered sugar, and seeing this on a menu immediately took me back to my childhood. I already knew I was getting dessert regardless of how the meal went.

Not knowing where to start with food, we asked for help. The incredibly friendly bartender directed us towards the fries as a ‘must-have’. The menu consists of various types of sausages, each with several toppings: A very simple, yet upgraded, sausage list. I went with the Pig Newton (Pork with Fig & Fall spices) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers, while Will went with Hot Louie (Spicy Pork) with sauerkraut and hot peppers.

The Pig Newton

I am a huge condiment fan and Snake Hill does not disappoint. Alongside the fries came a mouth-watering sriracha ranch – this needs to be bottled and sold. And they have a couple homemade mustards for the sausages such as Honey Bourbon and Old Bay.


The fries were heavenly. BUT the sausages were above and beyond. The brioche style bun with the toppings and the mustards and the flavor infused meat made for a very happy palette. Since we were so full, we ordered the puppy chow to go and it was just as I remembered. Nothing fancy, but if you ever had this as a kid, you will be immediately nostalgic.


NBSB Rating: Love it.

Snake Hill is located at 418 S. Clinton Street | Baltimore, MD 21224

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