Southern Charm: Charleston, SC

Exactly one year ago, I arrived for my two-month stint in Charleston, SC. I left  just in time to say goodbye to the snow that was hitting Maryland. If you’ve never been to Charleston, you need to book a flight, rent a car, charter a boat |whatever you have to do| and just go. If you have been to Charleston, you’re probably missing it like crazy and should go ahead and do the same.

Because I was going to be away for two months and had no idea what I would need to make it feel like home, I went ahead and decided to make the 9 hour drive instead of fly. Podcasts really saved me on this one, thanks Serial.

I had never really been anywhere on my own, so naturally I was a bit nervous. However, the second I set foot in Charleston, I knew what the hype was all about. Being from the north, I was a little taken aback at how friendly people were. It took some time for me to realize they weren’t trying to scam me or do me any harm, but that they were just genuinely interested in my story and showing me the charm the city had to offer. I mean really, this place is beautiful.  If you’re ever feeling down, staring at Rainbow Row will instantly lift your spirits. 

 Please visit the Angel Oak, one of the oldest live oak trees in the world. Pictures don’t really do it justice, standing amongst the vast, intertwining limbs will really make you appreciate its beauty. I’ve neverbeenso amazed.  

If you’ve heard anything about Charleston, you know it’s food game is one of the strongest. Being a foodie, I couldn’t wait to dive in. Stay tuned for my favorite eateries – there are so many, they need their own post! But I’ll leave you drooling with this gorgeous paella dish from Barsa.  


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