You’ll Be Living In This Two-Piece All Summer 

You know during summer when it’s hot and humid and wearing clothes doesn’t really seem high on the priority list. Well those times are now and I end up clinging to anything that doesn’t make me sweat immediately. Lately, I’m obsessing over this two-piece from She-In (details below)! Got it originally as a possibility for my upcoming bachelorette party in KEY WEST (34 day countdown!), but quickly realized this baby is perfect for these super hot summer days! It’s #neverbeenso lightweight! It is rather sheer, so I may end up using it mostly as a cover-up, but really I may just decide IDGAF and wear it as I please! Best part: it’s $16.99! 

BTW: Chokers are my latest obsession and I need more. Stay tuned for a post linking some of my favorites. 

TWO-PIECE: She-In | CHOKER: Brightside Boutique  | SHADES: ZooShoo

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