Never Been So Wanderlust: Introduction

Traveling has always been an activity that thrills me. However, the planning.. not so much. I screenshot food I want to eat and scenery I must shoot, but that’s pretty much where my ‘travel planning’ ends.

Thankfully I married the planner of all planners when it comes to travel who will put all of my ‘must sees and eats etc.’ into a well thought out itinerary, so that we don’t end up resembling aimlessly wandering, directionally challenged hangry people!

And because sharing is caring, I plan to package this knowledge into a new series – Never Been So Wanderlust – and throw it out into the blogosphere. Whether it’s a day trip, long weekend or a two-week adventure, a game plan can help make the most of any place you’re visiting.

Not every post will be a full-on itinerary. Sometimes I may just post about a restaurant or an experience that can’t be missed. I also plan to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that make traveling even easier. #themoreyouknow

You’ve been to X location before?
This world has A LOT to offer, and seeing a place more than once is not prohibited, take away a reason to return and/or please please comment with experiences I haven’t included!

You can plan your own trips?
Sure you can! Because, the Internet. However, like most things in life, sometimes it’s easier to have someone do it for you. You have enough to do before a trip: laundry, packing, sleeping, pet-cuddling etc., let us help!

Why should you listen to our travel opinions?
Well, there are plenty of professional travel sites and even more travel blogs out there, so no pressure, you do you! But we’ve been on plenty of domestic trips and several international vacations and have the hunger to see so many more. I mean we vowed to help each other see the world. We are cost conscious, but understand paying a little more is necessary in certain circumstances and will happily do so for the quality of the experience.

Don’t forget to follow along and share your photos with #neverbeensowanderlust!

Happy Traveling!

Never Been So Wanderlust: IntroNever Been So Wanderlust: Intro

Never Been So Wanderlust: Intro


3 thoughts on “Never Been So Wanderlust: Introduction

  1. Mr. and Mrs. together you will see the world. I for one will be tuned into your blog reading your planning, packing and travelling tips. Watch out world here they come!!


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