Coordinates Are The New Black 

I’ve always been a hoarder of mementos. That ‘best friends’ necklace from middle school, that thirteenth birthday card from Grandma, that playlist from freshman year in college; if it relates to a significant memory, I most likely still own it. I love the way I’m instantly taken back and filled with memories when I see one of these or hear that song.

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While photos and journals and cards are a medium for special memories, they aren’t always easy to keep handy. Either in a photo album shoved on a shelf or a keepsake box under the bed, I really only get a chance to remember these times during a spring cleaning or a move. Coordinates jewelry has changed the game, allowing special memories to be worn via coordinates of a location and an inscription.

Lat & Lo founder, Kellie Ivey, “never imagined what these pieces would come to mean to thousands of people around the world.” I’ve received coordinates and I’ve gifted coordinates and the reaction is always the same, pure sentiment.

The first coordinates piece I received was after Will and I’s first big trip together. We went to Italy. We both instantly fell in love with Florence, as if we were meant to live there. One of our favorite memories was climbing the Duomo. While touristy, we made it a point to be the first in line so that when we reached the top, we had it to ourselves for a few moments. It was surreal. It was beautiful. And that following Christmas, Will gifted me a piece with those coordinates on it. Whenever I look down, I am instantly taken back to that early morning breeze, the tight stairwell of 463 each way and the satisfaction and appreciation we felt at the top.

Each of the members of my bridal party are like family to me. I’ve known them all for different lengths and met them all at various places. I wanted to remind them of those times because they happened so long ago, but without them, my life would be so different. I got them each a cuff with the coordinates of where we met and an inside joke/nickname that I knew would trigger a memory. When I gifted them, I had several teary eyes staring back at me and I knew they felt what I felt and how special each of our bonds was to each other.

My most recent piece. If you read my most recent blog post, you know the disaster we faced with our original wedding venue and the hell associated with it.  That was one of the hardest things Will and I have ever faced as a couple together. When choosing a song for us to walk into as our first entrance as Husband and Wife, “Beautiful Day” by U2 felt so fitting. We knew that no matter how that day turned out, it would be beautiful to us because we were officially married. So, Lat & Lo gifted me this gorgeous vertical bar necklace with the coordinates of our new venue where we were married with the inscription “Beautiful Day” on the back. I’ve #neverbeenso happy to show this off.

Coordinates Are The New Black

Coordinates Are The New Black

It lays right over my heart and I instantly feel joy and strength when I look down and see it or when someone asks me about the numbers, which is exactly what Lat & Lo envisioned when they created this company. Ivey states, “I hope we have also inspired some great conversations along the way between strangers and friends alike. Next time you see someone wearing Lat & Lo™ ask them about it.”

If you are ever in need of a gift for that special someone, coordinates are sure to steal the show. Or a treat for yourself to remember that special place.

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Coordinates Are The New Black
Coordinates Are The New Black
DRESS: Zara | NECKLACE: Lat & Lo

One thought on “Coordinates Are The New Black 

  1. Love this post – what a sweet, unique gift for your bridesmaids! I had a similar company make one for my wedding day with my family’s farm I grew up on and still love wearing it. So fun! And love your dress 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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