Hi all! Welcome to NEVERBEENSO; I can’t thank you enough for taking time to stop by and see what I’ve got to say!

I’m Ashley (that’s me up there in beautiful Peru, post coming soon!) and I started this blog as an outlet to unleash all the things that run round my head in a hamster wheel all day long. I found myself searching high and low to find blogs with posts I could relate to (and trust me, there are plenty!), but I figured if I’m finding myself so relatable to the feelings of others out there, why not start my own? Give the gift that keeps on giving #neverbeensocliche

Speaking of, let’s get to this “never been so” concept. Whatever my latest interest literally turns into an obsession and I go all in. “Never been so” is a phrase that is in my top 5; whether it be the meal I made last night that has neverbeenso good; or the newest romper I bought that has neverbeenso adorable; to even the current stage of wedding planning that has neverbeenso fun/frustrating/overwhelming all at the same time (shout out to my incredibly patient fiancé, Will)!

Basically I want to share with you a collection of recipes, projects, style, humor, travel, lists, vents and all things in between. You’ll see posts organized by category: i.e. FOOD (recipes, restaurant reviews), CREATE (DIY projects), TRAVEL (travel destinations, packing lists), STYLE (fashion, style) etc.

Above all, I believe no matter how big or how small, as long as it’s the most important, it matters; in fact, it’s neverbeenso important!

Go explore!

Cheers, xo

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