Culotte Comeback

I have to say when I first started seeing culottes pop up, I instantly thought of gauchos and was reminded of my unhealthy (and regretful) obsession with wet seal – oh, college. However, the more I saw the styling of culottes, the more into them I became.

According to Wikipedia, culottes made their first appearance  “in France during the reign of Henry III (1574–1589).” 400+ years later, I find myself donning the same as these stylish Frenchmen.

I nabbed a pair from H&M [for only $14.99] and let’s just say, this may be a new (hopefully healthy) obsession. During the warm spell last week, I decided to try them out – neverbeenso comfortable! They have the great convertible aspect of a wide leg pant, without the hassle of having to wear heels high enough to avoid floor drags. Paired with a pair of flat booties to keep it casual enough for day or night. Paired with a baggy sweater, they also work in winter. Hell, they’re great for every season! So stock up while they’re on sale!

I could write an entire post with some of my favorites (keep an eye out for that one), but for now I’ll just share these beauts! Links below!


Culottes: H&M | Booties: ASOS | Duster: old (similar here) | Earrings: House of Harlow



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